Friday, May 13, 2011

Heritage Fair

Congratulations to all those who participated in the District 18 Heritage Fair yesterday at Bliss Carman Middle School.

A special congratulations to Zane Jefferies who won The Archival Award of New Brunswick and Lauren Colter, Taylor McCarty & Megan MacBean who won The New Brunswick Labour History Award.

Great job everyone! You should all be proud of yourselves!!!

NHL News

We had our first disappointing result of the season. We had our first forfeit in NHL history as the Bruins did not have enough players to play. The score will be recorded as a 1 - 0 victory for the Jets.

Please make sure you check the schedule regularly for your game times.

There was an exhibition game played and it was won by the Jets.

Boston Pizza players of the game were: Cameron Waugh and Adam Crowe.

The Subway "Crazy Fan" went to Jay Roy.



Popcorn will be on sale during Nutrition Break in front of room 200.


The Glee Club has a full rehearsal of their musical - THe History of Rock and Roll today at noon and LTT.

The NMS Music Progam is holding its first Coffee House on Saturday morning, May 28th at Park Street School. Come and enjoy some coffee, tea or juice and some sweets as our band performs for you. Then watch our Glee club perfrom their musical - The History of Rock and Roll. Wrapping up our Coffee House is our own Show Choir performing Grease.
That's the NMS Music Department Coffee House being held at Park Street school Saturday, May 28th. Come and enjoy!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Several families have not paid their last payment of $300.

All organization is now stopped because of this.

Payments not received by Friday, May 13th will result in students being removed from the excursion.