Thursday, January 20, 2011

AtPac League Competition #3 Mathletes

Kudos to the Contest 3 Mathletes!


Our Grade 6 Mathletes are Jeongsoo Kim (Max) 6A and Mitchell Spragg 6D.  These boys had 3 correct answers!  The following grade 6 students scored 2 on the test:  Yae Eun Park (Christina) Park 6A, Emin Letic 6B, Ethan Gallant 6C, Yae Jin (Eileen) Park 6C, Alice Armstrong 6D, Phoebe Bicknell 6D, Kali Billings 6D, Elly Choi 6D and Young Min Lee 6F.  Well done!


Our Grade 7 Mathlete is Patrick Richardson 7H.  Patrick was the only 7th grader to score 2 on the junior high/middle school test!  Congratulations!  The following grade 7 students got one correct answer:  Kevin Doria 7C, Noah Horwood 7D, Taylor Oakley 7D, David Johnson 7E, Nathan MacDonald 7H, Sungu (Eric) Kim 7I.  Good Job!


Our Grade 8 Mathletes are EunJi Hwang 8A and Abbie LeBlanc 8I.  Both girls scored 2.  The following 8th graders scored 1:  Wenchen Liu 8A, Dahn Balan 8B, Riley Dore 8B, Cole Dunphy 8B, Cole Stewart 8B, Marcus Urquhart 8B,  Justin Williams 8B, Reid Wyton 8B, Shea-Lynne Harnish 8C, Abby Fredericks 8D, Jason Kennedy 8D, Junhee Lee 8D, Jacob Stilwell 8D, Devyani Ambwani 8E, Samantha Brideau 8E, Makenzie Doiron 8E, Alicia Doucet 8E, Claire Ferguson 8E, Jessica Hickey 8E, Kristen Myers 8E, Jiabei (Jacklyne) Weng 8E, Emily Wilcox 8E, Cameron Gallant 8F, Kendis LaFrance 8F, Adam Moore 8F, Amanda Childs 8H, Lauren Colter 8H, Mark Wallace 8H, Emma-Mae Wilkins 8H, Bailey Saunders 8J.  Bravo!


Students who would like to continue the Atlantic Pacific Math League Competition are to inform their math teacher.